Our Story

  • Our Company

    The founder of Permit-It selected the name to embrace the importance of permitting a project even though one might be tempted to do the project without one.  He would tell his clients “don’t take a chance just ““permit it”” at least then you’re covered”. Because of his 15 plus years as a general contractor he understands the frustration and tedious amount of work dealing with the different jurisdictions just to obtain a simple permit.  This is why he gave up the hammer and nails in early 2000 and decided to help other General Contractors, Developers and Home Owners turn their dreams and inspirations into reality.  He did this buy starting a permit expediting company in the Portland, OR / Vancouver, WA area taking the hassle out of getting permits.

    Since then Permit-It, LLC has grown into a national permitting expediting and full service building group.  We not only expedite permits, we now offer structural design and engineering as well as construction and building consulting services.  We work with some of the largest companies in the Unites States on a regular basis.  We service every municipality, in every city, county and town, in every state, nationwide, even international when requested.

  • Our People

    What makes Permit-It different from the rest? Our people. We put the human touch to a process that at times can be cumbersome and tedious. Every employee is committed to enhancing your experience, assuming ownership of each project from start to finish, and consistently following through on our promise to simply get it done!

    • Caring for People – Appreciating every stakeholder, their role and responsibility, and always working to effectively and efficiently support one another
    • Leading Through Innovation – Recognizing that success and growth happen by creating new and better processes
    • Improving Productivity – Learning from experience and practicing tenacious problem solving
    • Perfecting Customer Service – Assuming ownership of your satisfaction by consistently meeting or exceeding expectations


  • Our Values

    At the core of our mission and vision are our guiding principles. We work hard to embody values on a daily basis, in everything we do, both personally and professionally.


    • Our Mission

      To create a special experience for every client and every project, every time.

    Mark Howard
    Mark Howard
    President (Arizona)

    Brady Earl
    Brady Earl
    President (Kentucky)
    Scott Earl
    Scott Earl
    Founder (Retired)